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Too Young To Marry

This Oxygen network's reality program takes peek at what happens when Too Young to Marry wedding ringsteenage couples decide they can't live without each other in an emotional four part special event "Too Young To Marry?" With new episodes airing weekly, this heart-filled special follows opinionated teen couples who are determined to walk down the aisle.


New reality TV dating Show The Choice

Fox TV and Mystic Art Pictures are holding casting calls for a new reality TV dating show called the ‘Choice”. This new show will feature celebrity bachelors looking for romance and connections. “The Choice” is scheduled to begin airing in June of 2014 and will be hosted by Emmy winner Cat Deely.


FIX MY HUSBAND Casting Calls

Twins Talent is holding open casting calls for a new reality show for ABC TV called "FIX MY HUSBAND".Bad Husbands
Be on the next big reality TV show when it premiers, don't wait until the show has been on for 4 weeks before you try to apply for casting.  

You can submit your spouse to be on FIX MY HUSBAND, casting is being held NOW and the show will air in 2014.
If you have been married one year or 60 years it doesn't matter, producers are looking for husbands that can use some lighthearted adjustments and  are willing to appear on national TV


Now casting for Women and Men with Spending AddictionsShopping Addiction

A brand new reality TV series is NOW CASTING for men and women between the ages of 25-45 who can admit that they have a spending or shopping addiction!  This new show is hoping to cast awareness on spreading spending crisis all across America.


$10 Million Bigfoot Bounty

Sasquatch, bigfoot, and yeti are all names associated with a mystical ape-like Bigfootcreature believed to inhabit forests around the world. Often described as a extremely hairy and large humanoid. Scientists generally discredit the existence of this mystical animal and believe its notoriety is due to hoaxes, folklore and misidentification because no factual o physical evidence has ever been presented to back up bigfoot claims or sightings.

Well, Spike TV along with McNulty Casting is looking to settle the BigFoot dispute. In January 2014 Spike plans to air a new competitive reality TV show featuring a $10 Million prize. Yes, that’s 10 Million dollars.