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Submitting your Reality TV Idea

In the past five years reality TV programing has exploded in almost every network on TV.  Reality show topics cover a huge range of topics and sub-topics.  Producers for these reality Tv shows are always looking for the next big idea or production that will earn the most viewers and the most profits. If you have a worthy idea for a reality show, you can google it to see if its already been tried.  If not you may be able to submit your idea.

Most networks will not look at or accept scripts for reality TV.  In order to pitch your reality TV idea successfully you will need to go through one of the reality TV production companies.  The production companies will actually look at your idea or script and if worthy manage production, casting and costs.  

Before submitting your idea consider getting a writers guild registration number.  This can help legally protect your idea, costs between 20 and 30 dollars.

Be prepared to be rejected.  There is a large market for reality TV, if your rejected and you will probably be, keep trying, your going to have to really sell your idea.  It won't be easy or simple.  You'll probable have to submit to several companies to get one to look at it.

Choose a theme or concept that will be highly marketable.

Make sure your idea is original.

Most networks and productions companies will want your ideas in the form of a treatment.    The basic concept is a 1-3 page paper on your idea.   It will include a cast, description, synopsis, and production personnel.

Here are a few productions companies that screen and accept reality ideas.

Lyons Entertainment   Asylum Entertainment     Pie Town Productions       Beverly Boy Productions

These are just a few I looked at that accept and produce reality shows.  You can visit other production companies websites to see if they accept ideas.